About me

I was born in Russia and grew up in Kurdistan, Iraq. I qualified there as a primary school
teacher and worked for a few years, before I was forced to flee into the unknown with
my husband and our three children. After ten months, we ended up in Sweden. I came to
Sweden in 1988 and have worked here as a child-minder, native-language tutor and as an

interpreter for various agencies. My interest in people and in personal development has al-
ways been one of the main elements my life, both in my personal and professional life. My

own background and life experiences have been a driving force in my quest to understand
and be able to influence my life and develop myself and my relationships. In 2001, as part

of my work as an occupational therapist, I came into contact with client talks – a communi-
cation methodology with a problem-solving approach. This inspired me to further educate

myself and qualify as a coach.

Everything I have learned through the years, from personal approaches to knowledge-cre-
ation tools, I offer to my clients, regardless of what may have led them to seek support for

their development at right this moment.

Do you want to do something different? With a fresh outlook, I can help you to find new per-
spectives when you feel yourself to be stuck. I help people to find their life’s purpose, and

to live a more satisfying life, with harmonious relationships and the right incentives. You can
receive help to implement the small changes, which often lead to greater changes and a
more fulfilling life situation.